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The award-winning author of thirteen books including Toronto: Biography of City (2014), and King: William Lyon Mackenzie King: A Life Guided by the Hand of Destiny (2011), which won the Alexander Kennedy Isbister Award for Non-Fiction.

Coming of Age: A History of the Jewish People of Manitoba (2009) that won the McNally-Robinson Book of the Year and the Best History Book Award at the Canadian Jewish Book Awards in 2010, and was the co-winner of the J.I. Segal Prize in Canadian Jewish History.

Allan has spent his career bringing history to life and commenting on current events in the Winnipeg Free Press and National Post, among several other publications he contributes to.

Allan Levine
  Now available from McClelland and Stewart, a division of Penguin Random House of Canada

Seeking the Fabled City

The Canadian Jewish Experience

In this definitive and meticulously researched account of the Jewish experience in Canada, award-winning and critically acclaimed author Allan Levine documents a story that is rich, accessible, often surprising, and epic in its scope. Relying on an abundance of primary sources and first-hand documentation and interviews, Seeking the Fabled City chronicles the successes and failures, the obstacles overcome and those not conquered, of a historic journey and the people who travelled it.

Seeking the Fabled City is a story that unfolds over 250 years—from the decade after the conquest of New France in 1759, when small numbers of Sephardic Jews of Spanish and Portuguese descent arrived in British North America, through the great wave of Russian and Eastern European Jewish immigration at the turn of the twentieth century, to the present, in which Canada’s large Jewish community, no longer hindered by the anti-Semitism of the past, is free to flourish. This is a chronicle of a people that takes place at hundreds of locales across the country—mainly in the large urban centres of Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg, but also in west coast and maritime villages and tiny prairie towns—in a riveting drama with a cast of thousands.

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Book Reviews:

The Bootlegger's Confession


Sam Klein is back!

The Bootlegger’s Confession, a new Sam Klein Mystery published in November of 2016 by Ravenstone, an imprint of Turnstone Press. Set in 1922, three years after The Bolshevik's Revenge, Klein investigates the murder of a Jewish rural storekeeper involved with American bootleggers.

Availiable at McNally Robinson and



Praise for Toronto:

History buffs will thoroughly enjoy Allan Levine’s volume Toronto. This huge book is the result of (obviously) years of painstaking research and thorough writing.” Five Stars.
— San Francisco Book Review

“This highly informative and easy-to- read account accumulates four centuries of history that have transformed “a quiet and family-friendly green space on the rolling land alongside the Humber River” into one of the biggest urban centers in North America. Award-winning author and historian Levine (King) has produced a popular-styled “biography” of Toronto, the biggest, the richest, the most multicultural, and the most hated city in Canada.”
—Publishers’ Weekly



William Lyon Mackenzie King: A Life Guided by the Hand of Destiny

“Allan Levine gave himself the mission of turning this dull but eccentric Canadian into a subject worthy of contemporary discussion. He succeeds, bringing to life the inner thoughts of his subject as best anyone can. … [Levine] is one of those rare writers equally adept at fiction and non-fiction, helpful in the King case where the two realms seem to blend.” 

— Donald Benham, Winnipeg Free Press

Winner of the Alexander Kennedy Isbister Award for Non-fiction, 2012

Fugitives of the Forest


The Heroic Story of Jewish Resistance and Survival During the Second World War

"This is a story told just in time, for the many eye witnesses are dying every year now. But Levine carefully documents their accounts and reconstructs a powerful moment of triumph in the middle of the modern world's greatest catastrophe."

— Doug Wead, U.S. presidential historian, philanthropist, and Special Assistant to U.S. President George H. W. Bush.